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13 reasons why

My health has been particularly bad the last few days and I’ve not been up to much except disappearing into a book. I love to disappear into books and experience a whole new world to forget about my own for a while. But this week (well actually just yesterday, I read the whole thing in a day because I was too ill to do anything else), I read 13 reasons why by Jay Asher.

Warning: this post contains spoilers

I kind of enjoyed it. But it wasn’t great. It didn’t seem like a real portrayal of mental illness. The premise of the book is that the main character has received 13 audio tapes and each one contains a reason/person why Hannah Baker (who recorded the tapes before she died) killed herself.

It seems like a great way of telling the story of suicide. But I don’t think the word depression was mentioned once in the book. I expected a realisation at the end that people don’t kill themselves over other people or for any particular reason. It’s mental illness. The reason is depression and nothing more. If Hannah was not suffering from depression, those things would not have led to suicide. And I’m talking from the experience of someone who has attempted suicide. 

The story is good but the ending is a let down and it’s not just a let down to the rest of the story. It’s a let down to everyone that’s experienced suicidal thoughts. Those things may have pushed Hannah over the edge but they did not cause her suicide. 

This book has taught me once again (twilight did it first) that just because a book is being adapted to tv or film, doesn’t mean it’s any good.



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