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Friendship and sickness

It’s difficult to keep friends when you have a chronic illness. It’s just as difficult to explain that to other people.

People think they would never abandon a friend who was sick. Until they have a friend whose sick. Most people don’t intend to abandon you, but after you’ve said you can’t make it for the tenth time in a run, people stop asking you to meet up, and then you just gradually drift apart.

I understand that it’s hard having a friend whose sick but it’s even harder being the one who is sick. Having friends abandon you during your time of need just adds to the pain.

My circle of friends is very small after being sick for 12 years but it’s made me appreciate the friends I do have. And I think it’s made me a better friend. I don’t let petty things get in the way of our friendship because I know the ones that are there for me are real friends and I appreciate them all the more.



A creative young adult with opinions and health problems

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