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Real world Harry Potter 

After Brexit in the U.K., and Donald Trump winning the election in the US, I’ve seen references to Harry Potter. Mostly comments that it’s like when Voldemort took over the ministry of magic. 

And I can see some similarities. The people in charge right now aren’t really looking out for the majority. They just want to push their own agendas, as the expense of others.

It’s the closest analogy I’ve seen floating around the internet. 

It says that yes, we, as a society, will survive, and will likely become stronger because of it. But also that a lot of people are going to suffer and even die because of what’s going on right now.

It also shows us a way forward. There are three kinds of good people that it shows- one is Dean, one is Neville and Ginny and the other is Harry.

Harry is fighting for an overall win. He’s fighting to overthrow Voldemort once and for all. There’s very few people in a position to be a Harry, but we should support the people who are, because without Ron and Hermione, Harry wouldn’t have achieved anything.

Neville and Ginny are in a privileged position of being pure bloods, and they use their privilege to fight for the people who can’t fight for themselves. They fight the everyday battles, maybe not making the big difference like Harry, but their fights were just as important.

Dean is lacking the pure blood privilege and goes on the run to protect himself. He joins together with other people in his position and they support and protect each other. There’s safety in numbers.

Most people think Harry’s job is the most important. That’s who the book focuses on so he must be most important. But for Harry to matter there needs to be something to save and there would be nothing to save if there weren’t the Deans and Nevilles and Ginnys protecting who they can- themselves and others. And we all have the opportunity to be like Dean or Neville or Ginny. 



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