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A Trump presidency

Donald Trump won the presidency of the United States.

That’s the big news of the day.

As a UK Citizen, I fear for my own country as well as the US. Our media is very much shared with the US. I fear that as US citizens become more open about their prejudices against minorities that it will spread to the UK.

I am a woman.

I am bisexual.

I am disabled.

Financially, I am reliant on benefits.

I believe in climate change and pay to offset my carbon footprint.

In other words, Trump would not be a big fan of me. 

I’m scared of the sexism, sexualism and ableism I may face. I’m scared of the prejudice people in the US are already facing.

I’ve heard of American Muslim women discussing whether they should continue to wear the hijab for their own safety. These conversations should not be happening in the most powerful country in the world.



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