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Book review: fantastic beasts and where to find them script

No spoilers (or nothing more than shown in the movie adverts)!!

I’ve not seen the film yet so this is based only on the script book.

Plot: there’s two big plots, which if you’ve seen the movie adverts you know are- newt scamander’s case of animals has released some animals, and there’s a magical thing causing havoc in New York. Each is fairly good, but they don’t seem to be linked together very well. One is not really necessary for the other to make sense. Each could have been expanded to make it fit an entire book/movie without having the other plot. As a result the overall plot is just a bit weak. And some scenes relating to one plot, don’t make sense and don’t tie in with the rest of the movie until the end. I kept thinking ‘why do these characters keep coming up?’
Characters: it’s a script, not a novel so the characters aren’t going to have as much back story as I would like. But some things didn’t come across well. It took me a while to realise a few things- 1) credence is a boy. 2) Tina and queenie are sisters (I think- still not 100% sure, they could be cousins). At first I thought they were roommates. 3) there’s a twist about one character, which to me was obvious quite far in advance. Having said that there’s not much backstory, pottermore has already given us backstory for newt scamander so we already know who he ends up with (if you’ve read pottermore), which ruins some of the ‘are they aren’t they?’ moments.

Writing- the use of the term ‘no-maj’ to replace muggle was clunky and unnecessary and at times confusing. There’s also plenty of script-talk which has a glossary at the back. This is something I expected since it’s a script but I looked up what it meant online, because I didn’t realise there was a glossary at the back. It really should have been put at the front.

Overall, a script is not meant to be read like a book. As a book, it’s putdownable. To create something unputdownable to me when I’m a huge fan of the wizarding world should have been easy but it just wasn’t achieved. As a script, it’s supposed to draw in actors and directors and producers etc to work on the film. I feel like from that point of view, a lot of people will have worked on it because it was written by JK Rowling, regardless of what the script said.

The characters were fun, even though they weren’t very deep. And learning about the fantastic beasts was interesting. But I won’t be rereading it in any hurry because I didn’t become invested in the characters. When reading fantastic beasts and where to find them script, I didn’t want the main characters to succeed because I liked the characters. I wanted them to succeed because I was sure it was going to have a big dramatic ending when they did. There was one dramatic bit but I saw it coming, and then the ending dragged on a bit. I was sure I must be on the last scene a few times before I actually was. 

I think from anyone except Rowling and without the huge fandom around Harry Potter, I would have considered this a fairly good read. But with the expectations that it would be amazing, it’s disappointing that in reality it is just okay.

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Disappointment of chronic illness

The film fantastic beasts and where to find them is coming to uk cinemas on 18th November. I booked tickets to go two months ago. And the book of the script has been pre ordered and will be delivered to my house that day. I’m a big Harry Potter fan and have been since I first read the first book. 

On the 19th November I have to travel and deal with airports. I need to get packing done.

I also have ME/CFS and fibromyalgia and chronic migraines. When I booked the tickets to go to the cinema I thought I would be fine. My health was going fairly well and I seemed to be improving steadily.

Now I know I won’t be able to go. A trip to the cinema will be too much if I want to do anything except lie in bed the entire of the next day.

People with chronic illnesses don’t cancel plans because they don’t want to go somewhere or they don’t want to see you. It’s just as much of a disappointment for us. I was really looking forward to seeing a new Harry Potter film in the cinema, but that’s not going to happen, at least not until I have some days free when I can plan to be ill afterwards.

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Real world Harry Potter 

After Brexit in the U.K., and Donald Trump winning the election in the US, I’ve seen references to Harry Potter. Mostly comments that it’s like when Voldemort took over the ministry of magic. 

And I can see some similarities. The people in charge right now aren’t really looking out for the majority. They just want to push their own agendas, as the expense of others.

It’s the closest analogy I’ve seen floating around the internet. 

It says that yes, we, as a society, will survive, and will likely become stronger because of it. But also that a lot of people are going to suffer and even die because of what’s going on right now.

It also shows us a way forward. There are three kinds of good people that it shows- one is Dean, one is Neville and Ginny and the other is Harry.

Harry is fighting for an overall win. He’s fighting to overthrow Voldemort once and for all. There’s very few people in a position to be a Harry, but we should support the people who are, because without Ron and Hermione, Harry wouldn’t have achieved anything.

Neville and Ginny are in a privileged position of being pure bloods, and they use their privilege to fight for the people who can’t fight for themselves. They fight the everyday battles, maybe not making the big difference like Harry, but their fights were just as important.

Dean is lacking the pure blood privilege and goes on the run to protect himself. He joins together with other people in his position and they support and protect each other. There’s safety in numbers.

Most people think Harry’s job is the most important. That’s who the book focuses on so he must be most important. But for Harry to matter there needs to be something to save and there would be nothing to save if there weren’t the Deans and Nevilles and Ginnys protecting who they can- themselves and others. And we all have the opportunity to be like Dean or Neville or Ginny. 

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A Trump presidency

Donald Trump won the presidency of the United States.

That’s the big news of the day.

As a UK Citizen, I fear for my own country as well as the US. Our media is very much shared with the US. I fear that as US citizens become more open about their prejudices against minorities that it will spread to the UK.

I am a woman.

I am bisexual.

I am disabled.

Financially, I am reliant on benefits.

I believe in climate change and pay to offset my carbon footprint.

In other words, Trump would not be a big fan of me. 

I’m scared of the sexism, sexualism and ableism I may face. I’m scared of the prejudice people in the US are already facing.

I’ve heard of American Muslim women discussing whether they should continue to wear the hijab for their own safety. These conversations should not be happening in the most powerful country in the world.

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US Election as an outsider

I live in the U.K. and the US election is going on right now. Well as I type this, the last polls closed twenty seven minutes ago.

The whole world recognises that the US is the most powerful country. Britain particularly is involved with America because we share a language and therefore share media. Many US tv programmes are shown here. I watch many American youtubers. And we can directly read articles in your newspapers on the internet. I’ve spent a long time reading about the US election system, and I understand it fairly well, though I’m no expert.

Here in the U.K., many of us are scared of a Donald trump presidency. We know that Hilary clinton isn’t perfect (though understanding the issues where she went wrong means sometimes understanding a lot of US political history so a lot of us aren’t sure why she’s not that great). But we know Trump is worse.

We know this because we went through Brexit. As a result of a vote to leave the EU, suddenly people felt like it was okay to show their true colours and be publicly racist. There was an increase in racially motivated attacks and race-related insults being thrown around in public. We’re scared of the same happening in the US.

But because the US has a bigger impact on the world than we do, we’re scared of what that means for the rest of the world.

But the possibility of a Trump presidency isn’t just going to increase racism. Trump has been a lot worse than just openly racist. There’s the sexism and misogyny. There’s the hatred of LGBTQIA+ people. He blames the poor for being poor. There’s no group of people he hasn’t singled out.

Which leaves a lot of us wondering why people are voting for him. Why are any women voting for him? Why are any people of colour or even white immigrants voting for him? If the groups he singled out and said hateful things about didn’t give him a single vote, there would be a landslide victory for Hilary Clinton.

Of course, I’m not talking for the whole of the UK. But I’m talking for all the people I know. Everyone I know is pretty much in agreement that Trump is a terrible idea.

Results won’t be coming in until the early hours in U.K. time, so I won’t find out the result until I wake up in the morning. I hope I don’t wake up to a Trump presidency.

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